How to Protect Yourself From Secondhand Stress

As a matter of survival, the brain is very sensitive to anything that may be perceived as a threat in our environment. When we become aware of stress that others carry around us, it sends a very clear signal that we too should be worried. This triggers what’s called an “amygdala hijack” where the primitive part of our brain responds in a knee-jerk, defensive, reactive way rather than a mindful, responsive, or reflective way.


How to Show Compassion For Really Difficult People

Few things in life are certain other than death and taxes, but having to occasionally deal with people you’d rather, well, not, is definitely on that list. The good news, as this Wall Street Journal piece explains, is that science can help: new research found thought-tweaking exercises can literally teach you to be more compassionate and ultimately make it easier to handle difficult people.

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