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No oil price increase

The Ministry of Power and Energy has emphasized that there is no truth in rumors related to the increase of oil prices. The Ministry says that there have been no discussions in this regard and no decision has been taken to increase oil prices.


SL - one of the top stalls at Arabian Travel Fair

With strong leadership Sri Lanka tourism continues to project a sharp identity of brand Sri Lanka with some cutting edge work, this time around at the Arabian Travel Fair(ATM) targeting the middle eastern market that attracts over a hundred thousand tourists into Sri Lanka and nets in a revenue of around $175 million dollars per year for the country. This is one the best stalls I have seen commented Minister Dissanayake given the wild life theme that Sri Lanka tourism had taken for ATM 2015 that has attracted so far 231 top travel agents at day two staged at the World Trade Centre in Dubai.


Indo-Ceylon Economic Dialogue today

The Federation of Chambers of Commerce in Sri Lanka together with MP Events Lanka (Pvt) Ltd have organised the third Indo-Ceylon Economic Dialogue (ICE 3) to mark the ninth Indian Trade Fair. This forum will be held today at 10.30 am at the Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention Centre.


SL launch focussed Marketing plan for Italy

Sri Lanka Tourism which recorded a 21,000 tourists from Italy last year is targeting a thirty thousand plus visitors said the minister for Tourism and Sports Navin Dissanakaya in an exclusive interview at Expo 2015 VVIP media room, Milano Italy which was branded 'Positive transformation at work in Sri Lanka' given that there is a large ethnic minority who lives in Italy especially in the South of the country.

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