JO will gain power in NCP: Chandrasena

JO will gain power in NCP: Chandrasena

Former Minister S. M. Chandrasena yesterday said that the Joint Opposition(JO) will gain power in the North Central Provincial Council in the next couple of weeks.

Addressing the media at his residence in Anuradhapura yesterday, Chandrasena said the removal of North Central Province Health Minister K.H Nandasena has created another crisis within the provincial council.

“Following the removal of K.H Nandasena, former Chief Minister S.M Ranjith Samarakoon has resigned from his post.Several other Ministers will also decide their future course of action soon,”he said.

During a discussion held between the SLFP and JO Provincial Council members recently, MP Chandrasena had stressed that the members should act independently.

The members have emphasised the need to appoint a new Chief Minister for the Provincial Council.

MP Chandrasena said that a Chief Minister should be accepted by the majority in the council.

“According to the Constitution, a person accepted by the majority can only be appointed as Chief Minister or Member of Parliament. In many situations, the good governance government has been acting against the values of democracy,”he alleged.

He further said if the government fails to give the Chief Minister’s post as expected by the majority in the council, they would abolish the Provincial council and take the democratic power in their hands.

“We would resort to action in another one week. All the Provincial council members requested that we need the Chief Minister’s post”, he said.

He further said that they have not yet decided who is going to be the Chief Minister and added that they would come to a decision after discussions with all the members.

“The problem is not with the individual but the Chief Minsiter who should be accepted by the majority,” he said.(Daily News)


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