Modi revealed Govt’s hidden agenda– Gammanpila

Modi revealed Govt’s hidden agenda– Gammanpila

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has revealed the hidden agenda of the Sri Lankan Government, which is to usher in the ETCA, United Peoples Freedom Alliance (UPFA) MP Udaya Gammanpila said.

He added that the Government duped the Sri Lankan public with regard to Modi's visit. During his visit, Modi had noted, "We believe that free flow of trade, investments, technology and ideas across our borders will be to our mutual benefit. Whether it is on land or in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the security of our societies is indivisible. In infrastructure and connectivity, transport and energy, we are poised to scale up our co-operation."

Commenting on the Indian Premier's a statement, Gammanpila said:

"Yet it seems controversial when looking at Modi's theatrics in Sri Lanka. If he is the chief guest of the United Nations Vesak festival, he should have spoken about the Vesak festival and the United Nations, and not simply about the Indo-Lanka relations.

Yet he made a speech similar to that in an Indo-Lanka bilateral visit, a purely political speech. In the speech made by him it is said that the trade, investments and technology should be moved across the borders of the two countries freely. What is the meaning of that statement? He is indirectly implying that the ETCA should be signed."

Commenting further he added that Modi's statement pertaining to maritime security will have colossal negative impact on Sri Lanka's security, and added that Modi has no autonomy on Sri Lanka's defence or maritime borders. He further questioned as to whether it was posed as a threat to Sri Lanka's sovereignty. (ceylontoday)

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