We won't allow Cabinet reshuffle to derail Govt: UNP

We won't allow Cabinet reshuffle to derail Govt: UNP

Several United National Party (UNP) MPs yesterday threatened to take stern action if the anticipated cabinet reshuffle puts the government off the track.

UNP Puttalam District MP Asoka Priyantha told a media briefing that the cabinet reshuffle should not be aimed at fulfilling ulterior motives of few who had joined this government by accepting positions even after they were defeated at the last general election. “We will not leave the government but will see to it that our voices are heard in Parliament if the cabinet reshuffle is done to fulfill the aspirations of few defeated politicians,” he said. “We the members of the government are the ones who made sacristies to elect this government and we are making sacrifices even now. However we can’t afford to keep quiet if the government is moving off the track,” he added. Mr Priyantha said what was needed was not a cabinet reshuffle but the fulfillment of the pledges given by this government. He said the cabinet reshuffle should not create any divisions within the UNP. UNP Badulla District MP Vadivel Suresh also participated in the new briefing (Daily mirror)

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