Aris 13 crew undecided

Aris 13 crew undecided

The Sri Lankan crew rescued from Somali pirates on Friday is yet to decide whether they would continue to work on the ship or return home.

Namalie Sampath, sister of the chief officer on board Ruwan Sampath said; “since they were able to drop off their cargo of oil at Djibouti, my brother said that they are yet to decide on whether they would come home or not,” she said.“My brother spoke to me today (19) and said that he was fine with working but given the emotional strain of last week, it would depend on whether the rest of the crew too is up to continuing with working. They would also have to wait for another crew to take over before they can be released from the ship,” she added.

The Aris 13 was escorted on Friday by a French warship and Somalian marine forces to Bossaso in Somalia.

The Somali pirates hijacked the vessel on March 13. After four days of intense diplomatic negotiations and foreign military assistance, the vessel was released without a ransom being paid. (Daily News)

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