CERT issues guidelines

CERT issues guidelines

Sri Lanka Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) issued guidelines to the public in response to the malicious ransomware programme,

WannaCry, that wreaked havoc, all over the world last weekend.

CERT claimed that the ransomware worm infected roughly 57,000 computers in 99 countries last Friday (12) with Russia, Ukraine and Taiwan being the top targets.

The hack forced British hospitals to turn away patients, affected Spanish companies such as Telefonica, and threw other government agencies and businesses into chaos.

CERT noted that the effected computers should be immediately disconnected from the network and the virus guard providers/security vendors should be contacted for the necessary actions.

As an immediate action, email attachments should be blocked relating to following files but not limited to .pdf (encapsulating a .js javascript)/*.hta/.doc macro based Microsoft word) or related executables. CERT also requests computer users to refrain from opening emails from unknown contacts.

Furthermore, CERT advises the public not to attempt paying the ransom in anyway and to regularly have all files backed up in a complete separate system. (Ceylontoday)

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