Sugar price hike

Sugar price hike

The price of a kilo of raw sugar, which was sold at Rs 93 in the market, has gone up by 17 rupees and it is currently sold at Rs 110.

A Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) source, when questioned about the sudden price hike, said that the Committee on Cost-of-Living had approved the increase in price on requests made by sugar importers.According to the source, sugar cannot be sold at the previous price tag of Rs. 93 following the increase in the tax on imported sugar as per a gazette notification dated 27 January.

CAA sources said the sudden price hike in sugar had also come about due to the said gazette notification being withdrawn by the Committee on Cost-of-Living. Following the withdrawal of the said gazette notification the wholesale price of a kilo of sugar in the Pettah currently fluctuates between Rs 98 and 100 and likewise the retail price of sugar has also shot up. (Ceylontoday)


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