Journalist prompted me to lose temper - John Amaratunga

Journalist prompted me to lose temper - John Amaratunga

By Ayshwarya Yapa
Minister of Tourism Development and Christian Religious Affairs, John Amaratunga expressed his regret over his aggressive behaviour towards a journalist which recently caught the attention of the public.

He expressed his regret during a media briefing hosted at the United National Party’s (UNP’s) headquarters, ‘Sirikotha Mandiraya’ today (16).

The Minister explained that he unintentionally lashed out at the journalist over the waste disposal issue in Bopitiya when the journalist provoked him and caused him to lose his temper.

Minister Amaratunga stated that the journalist had attempted to stir up anger among the public by questioning him repeatedly, during an occasion where a voluntary organization was present at the Minister’s house to discuss the waste disposal problems faced by people in Muthurajawela.

John Amaratunga then proceeded to complain that journalists of the modern day and age had no discipline and that they were exploiting the freedom of media.

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