No future constructions without proper garbage recycling plans: Patali

No future constructions without proper garbage recycling plans: Patali

Any future constructions without proper plans to recycle garbage would not be allowed in Colombo and the suburbs, as part of the governments bid to solve the city’s garbage menace,Megapolis and Western Development Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka said yesterday.

He said the people would not be allowed to just drain water into the drainage lines and dispose of the garbage on roads and hand over the matter to the Municipal Councils and Urban Councils.

He also said that residents of housing complexes and others who generate garbage should pay for the disposal and recycling process in future since seeking funds for the same is one of the main cause of the issue.

Minister Ranawaka was speaking at a press conference at Ministry Auditorium in Suhurupaya, Battaramulla as part of the Nikasala Purawara (Garbage Free City) project inauguration ceremony.

He further said that two other main reasons for the issue are legal background and social protests. He added that garbage disposal comes under Local Government institutions. But, the Municipal Councils and Pradeshiya Sabahs come under Provincial Councils purview.

“This is one issue,” the Minister said. He added that this could be solved by setting up a separate institution to manage the garbage issue.

“The people protest when a garbage disposal unit is to be set up somewhere in the country saying they do not need garbage from Colombo,” the Minister said.

“Thereafter, they would make statements to the media for the failure to collect garbage and then again protest against the government when an accident takes place,” the Minister said.

He added that this cannot continue and nobody has the right to say that they do not want the garbage from Colombo, since it is not generated by only the residents of Colombo.

Minister Ranawaka added that the large number of people who come to Colombo which is the country’s commercial hub daily are responsible for the garbage accumulation in the city.(Daily News)

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