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Govt. striving to create honest, patriotic politicians: President

Even though the political culture of the country is neck deep in corruption and fraud at all levels and it cannot be changed for the better from the top echelons to the lowest rungs overnight, the present government is shouldering the difficult task of creating a group of honest politicians who love the motherland, President Maithripala Sirisena said.


Budget 2018 on performance basis

As Budget 2018 will be prepared on the performance basis, all the proposals by the line ministries, provincial ministries and the heads of departments should clearly indicate the details of the output of such projects accompanied with the Key Performance Indicators (KPI), informs the Secretary to Treasury and Secretary to Ministry of Finance and Mass Media Dr. R.H.S Samaratunga.



The dense forest is a wild sanctuary. Within this natural realm tribes of people have lived for centuries, from the native Indian tribes of the Cherokee in the US, the Aborigines of Australia to the Masai Mara in Tanzania. Centuries ago, there lived a clan of people in the jungles of Sri Lanka. The chroniclers of the Mahavamsa had reason to believe that these primitive citizens were members of the Yakka tribe. When the banished Indian prince Vijaya landed on our shores, it is believed that he acquainted Kuveni, the defiant leader of her clan. Some opine that their offspring grew in number. Subsequently, these wild children wandered into the hills of Samanalakanda (Adam’s Peak). The Sabaragamuwa Province is said to have been an abode of the Veddahs as the word Sabara-gamuwa denotes, village of the sabara (forest dweller). Today, this region is popular for its expensive gems. What remains of these original tribes to a certain extent are found today in the North Central and Eastern Provinces. The four main clans are Uruwarige, Thalawarige, Moranawarige and unapanawarige.Today, I wonder if there is a Veddah of ‘pure blood line’ as they have integrated into village communities. In 1953, the census showed 803 Veddah and in 1963 the number yielded only 400.



His mother being Sinhala, Buddhist and father Hindu, Tamil, Chandrasekaram is a man with multiple identities. According to him, apart from the fact that it is expected for a son to take on the ethnicity of the father, he does not see any reason he should be branded as either Tamil or Sinhala.


Moving Into A Milieu: “Delovak Athara” And “Ran Salu”

Delovak Athara remains my favourite movie by Lester, if at all because it moved into a milieu I can identify with at once. The great achievement of Gamperaliya was that, despite the social backgrounds of the cast and crew, it evoked rural life rather startlingly. That famous opening sequence wasn’t there in Martin Wickremasinghe’s novel, for instance; it was plotted by Regi Siriwardena, and it delayed the shooting of the film for a whole year until the Mahakappina Walawwa was discovered. The greatest art is sometimes born out of accident. The Sinhala cinema prospered because of those accidents, especially in Lester’s career.


TONI&GUY Sri Lanka official launch

TONI&GUY is a world renowned Salon chain that has marked its name in the hair business since 1963. The business that was cultivated meticulously by two immigrant italian brothers, Toni and Guy Mascolo, is now a family of 7000 and growing. Bill Watson, International Artistic Director and Educational Director for Japan and the Southern Hemisphere and Stuart Matsuka, Artistic Director of the TONI&GUY Academy were at Colombo for the training of the TONI&GUY Sri Lanka team. They also attended the launch and showcased a few mane makeovers on models.

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