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Sri Lanka

Lands in HSZ in Jaffna returned

An immediate programme mooted to return certain lands belonging to civilians located within the High Security Zones within the Jaffna Peninsula, is now in place.
The Jaffna citizens have expressed their gratitude to the Government for returning their lands. Noteworthy is the return of the lands in High Security Zone to the rightful owners, without posing any threat to national security.


Maldives seeks SL support

The Maldivian Foreign Minister is seeking Sri Lanka’s support to overcome the blame the country is facing from the world after sentencing former Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed to prison. Maldivian Foreign Minister Dunya Maumoon who is on a visit to Sri Lanka was addressing a media briefing in Colombo.


Country should not be dragged into war again : President

President Maithripala Sirisena has emphasized that the country should not be dragged into a war again through communal slogans. The President pointed out that another war in not necessary for a country that has suffered the pain of war. The President pointed out that if Mahinda Rajapaksa entrusted the Party to him, he should be permitted to proceed with the work. This should be clearly mentioned. He told the gathering to decide according to their conscience and express views democratically. This is a good feature that they have received. Real peace should be enthroned in the country sans a war in the future. It was mentioned that all should work for at least two years to sort out the issues.

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