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Here's what Deepika Padukone has to say about her marriage rumours

In times as advanced as today and especially in the media, it is quite difficult to hide away secrets. Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh have been dating since more than half a decade and yet they haven’t openly admitted to their relationship. Now it is being reported that the two rumoured lovebirds might even get hitched in November this year.

While Ranveer and Deepika chose to stay silent on these speculations around their marriage, their constant PDAs draw a different picture. Deepika, who is this month’s cover girl on British magazine, opened up about her relationship and all the rumours surrounding her marriage. She said that she tried to keep it separate as much as possible, but she doesn’t try to fight or control the speculation.

Deepika further said that her parents have been her role models as a couple. She revealed that because of the way they are as a couple and the way they have held the family together, they truly are perfect role models. She also clearly established that she would too love to have kids someday and have a family of her own.


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