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Soul satisfying!

Creating new and unique sounds developed through their thoughts and expressions, Soul is a band that values emotional quotient when it comes to their content. Melodies speaks to Mohamed Khazim Miskin of Soul, a band that gives unconditional love to their loyal fans.

“Music is an emotional and intelligent expression of one’s thoughts and experiences. It is an extension of our minds. Success to us is the creation of new and unique songs as a band,” said Miskin.

It is apparent from his words that Soul is committed to making their fans happy and are ready to try out new methods and ideas with this adventurous spirit of theirs. Miskin rightfully pointed out that the band can successfully express their soul, enabling them to come up with something unique and intelligent and something that appeals to the audience.

“We have released an album with eight tracks and one bonus track. The album is called ‘Round and Around’. We are raising funds to do our second and third album,” stated Miskin.

When asked in this interview why Soul is passionate about music and why they have chosen to pursue music, Miskin’s answer was - it just happened, the life chose them. This is a common shared notion by many musicians. The idea that the something greater is at work in their lives. Many of them have suspicions of destiny. Something inexplicable! Something mysterious! Something that cannot be conveyed through words! Call it what you may! Some magic at work! Maybe a calling that all creative people have!

“My message to any aspiring young musician is simply – Eat well, sleep well and make your own music and say no to drugs,” explained Miskin.

His words have profound meaning – Eat well and sleep well. In other words don’t feel under pressure. Sleep well because sleep is important in life. Don’t feel burdened by anything that might come to you in life. Enjoy life. Treasure life, because life is pressure. Do not constantly worry because worry is the most unproductive exercise in the world. Instead be positive. Be upbeat and be joyous. His other bit of advice is to say no to drugs. Miskin’s words are extremely powerful because a lot of young people listen to the music by soul. Not getting into bad company and the fact that drugs destroys your life is his message to young people. Too often we have heard of young people ruining their lives because they think taking drugs is something cool to do. It is not cool. And most importantly – make your own music. In other words be unique. Form your own identity. No need to run with the herd! Be yourself and be different!

“As a band we have many outstanding memories. Composing and recording music, playing live, and hearing the audience sing our songs to us is a wonderful feeling,” pointed out Miskin.


Miskin speaks of the adrenaline rush one gets when in their element on stage. The most exciting thing for a musician is hearing the audience sing out their songs, which proves that the performance has been well received. It means that their songs are appreciated and admired. The bond amongst the band members is very strong, as they delight in working together with the camaraderie spirit that is essential to every band on out there.

“We love making music and experimenting with it. I am passionate about music, because I get to share my thoughts and feelings with everyone around me unconditionally,” added Miskin.

As mentioned before this fearlessness when it comes to experimenting with their music has really changed the game for them. You don’t know if you don’t ask! You don’t know if you don’t try! You can only improve if you try new ideas out. This is not to say that taking drugs is alright. Taking drugs is a big NO! But it is only by experimenting that you discover your strengths and weaknesses.

“This is to everyone who has supported us. We know who you are. And I would like to say a big thank you to all of our fans. It would not have been possible without you. We have merchandise for purchase at gigs and our music is available online,” said Miskin.

As strengths of the band, Miskin stated, that one is the clear communication. They are on the same page. They feed off each other’s positive energy. They are there to support each other and they are there to inspire each other. And it is not only within. They draw inspiration from the environment around them. It is all about energy.

Jeff Beck is a well known musician whose genres are Blues Rock, Instrumental rock, hard rock, Electronica and Progressive rock. Jason Becker’s genres are Instrumental rock, neo-classical metal and heavy metal. Becker’s life story is an inspiration to all. In 1996 he lost the ability to speak. He has overcome this disability and continues to compose by using a computer. Miskin’s choice of musicians that he admires certainly is inspirational. Jeff Beck, received the Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance, six times and Best Pop Instrumental performance once.

“Some of the artistes I admire are Jeff Beck, Yusuf Ali, Jason Becker and RHCP,” said Miskin.

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