Wednesday, 04 December 2019 07:10

New enrollments for 2020 at Nanda Malini Ashram

Students are being enrolled for music classes for the year 2020, conducted by veteran songstress Visharadha Nanda Malini.The music classes conducted at her Aashram for the last 35 years have won the admiration of both students and parents.

A graduate of Bhatkhande University, India she was instrumental in gifting our young generation, "Handahamee", "Sindu Hodiya", "Punchi Sindu" and Lassna Mal Pipila" children's song books with musical notations, containing songs written by Sri Chandra Rathna Manawasinghe and Dharmasiri Gamage.

The three fold courses comprise basic introductory classes, including voice training with basic vocal and breathing exercises for students between 8 - 12 years, while a music course of folk-songs and 'Raghadari' music covering the school syllabus is taught to students between 12-15 years.

The preparatory, intial and diploma courses of Bhatkhande Sangeeth Vidyapeeta, are also conducted for students in the higher grades.

Applications for enrollment can be obtained by sending a self stamped envelope addressed to No.30, Vijayaba Mawatha, Nugegoda

(Daily News)

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