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Big on Rock and Heavy Metal!

On December 14 heavy metal rained down on Otters Aquatic club, strains of guitars being tuned emanated from within the premises at around two in the afternoon as harbingers of what was to awaken come evening. The bands tuned up, the fans made their way to the clubhouse while the team from Suriya Brother’s prepared the engines for the war to come!

The hot Colombo atmosphere scorched the battle grounds as evening drew nigh. Hordes of Sri Lankan metal heads gathered to witness a once in a life time display of rock and roll authority. The orchestrators at Suriya Brother’s, Sri Lanka’s number one Rock & Heavy Metal Promoters, had strategically worked their magic and summoned a face melting line up, a majestic one on line up that no rock enthusiast in the country ever thought they would see! An open air rock & heavy metal concert like no other! A concert that would bring 10 electrifying bands together on one stage, Colombo Open Air was upon us as 4 of Sri Lankas metal forces joined arms to conquer, Paranoid Earthling, Whirlwind, Mass Damnation and Genocide Shrines! (Yes it happened folks! One night only, on one stage!) joined by former victors of Bangalore Open Air and performers at Wacken, Kryptos, from India. Together these bands delivered an uppercut full of rock and roll groove to the crowd, sending them into a trance like state of pure head banging goodness.


Along with the main performance, let's not forget that Wacken Metal Battle 2019 played a key part of the Colombo Open Air experience. The stage boasted bands like, Dhishti, Constellation, Blind Effect, Sacrament and Dispute. Nothing was left unturned after the bands displayed their heavy metal power!

Playing to a full house of close to 600+ screaming head banging fans, the bands unleashed pure mayhem as chaos and sonic destruction reigned supreme. Needless to say , Dishti emerged as the top Wacken metal winners 2020 , which showcased their amazing talent. Featuring a whirl pool of mosh pits, Colombo Open Air 2019 was a phenomenon stamped into the memories of everyone who attended! The much hyped event drew rock and metal fans from all across Sri Lanka, including Negombo, Ratnapura and Kandy and even maniacs from overseas. A peek inside the battle grounds of Otters Aquatic Club spoke volumes about the magnitude of the watershed event and the achievement that was Colombo Open Air. Suriya Brother’s has always been at the forefront of promoting Rock and Heavy Metal in Sri Lanka and together with their sponsors and partners, Skzin Thirts and Dr. Milinda Salpitikorala, Salman and Bangalore Open Air, Otter Aquatic Club, Yes 101,, Dialog 444, N2T Beanbags, Kumudu Printers Shehan Romesh photography and Natalie Soysa Studios in collaboration with Dyanmic AV (Pvt) Ltd have revolutionized the Sri Lankan Rock/Metal sphere on two fronts, providing Sri Lankan rock and metal fans the entertainment they crave while providing an ideal showcase for the wealth of Sri Lankan talent that is just unfathomable. At first glance misjudged, it is events like Colombo Open Air that showcase these young artistes and highlight the talent and ideology that lies within, even opening up avenues for international presence, paving the way for world recognition among the rock and metal community. Suriya Brother’s has committed themselves to bringing Sri Lanka’s talented rockers to the forefront and will be back in the coming months with their other marquee events Acoustic Saturday, Rock Saturday and two international events, Colombo Open Air and Metal United World Wide! Stay Tuned and Stay Metal!

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