Tuesday, 08 September 2020 21:48

Suzi – busy as a bee!

Suzi Fluckiger, better known in Sri Lanka, as Suzie Croner, is keeping herself busy, in Switzerland, where she now resides.

Before the Coronavirus pandemic cropped up, she had plenty of work, coming her way, as a solo artiste.

And, then the whole world went quiet, with lockdowns, curfews, restrictions, etc.

Fortunately, things seem to be improving…in some parts of the world, and Suzi was seen in action, at the Pyramid Restaurant, in Wollerau, Switzerland, on Saturday, August 29th.

With still quite a lot of free time, on her hands, Suzi obliges her Facebook pals, by recording, and uploading some of her favourite songs.

Her latest upload is the song ‘You Might Need Somebody’ by Randy Crawford, and she says she is running out of songs as she has posted over 46 songs, to date.

Suzi was quite an attraction, in the local showbiz scene, decades ago, when she was involved with the band Friends.

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