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Arjun Kapoor slams a website for its derogatory remarks on Janhvi Kapoor

Bollywood actors have at some point or the other expressed their anger on media- be it in press conferences, movie promotions, red carpets or at social media. While there have been numerous instances that have ignited the Tinsel Town stars by certain comments or headlines, it was just recently that Arjun Kapoor’s name got added to the list. The ‘Half Girlfriend’ actor may come across as a rough man but it isn’t often that the actor has lost his cool. However, Arjun expressed his anger over a headline that shamelessly spread news using cheap writings on his stepsister Jahnvi Kapoor.

Earlier today, Arjun Kapoor slammed a website on social media for writing a “disgusting” and “cheap” headline on Jahnvi Kapoor’s attire. One of the website’s articles was being promoted at social media with a caption, “@arjunk26 के घर पहुंची #JanhaviKapoor ने पहनी इतनी सैक्सी ड्रैस कि दिख गया सब कुछ, देखें तस्वीरें”

Such a statement was bound to get Arjun Kapoor angry. Expressing his agitation, Arjun reacted to it with a tweet. He wrote, “U know what Fuck u man fuck u as a website for highlighting or bringing it to anyone s attention...and it’s shameful that ur eye would go searching for something like this shame on u...this is how our country looks at young women yet another shining example...ashamed by this...”
Janhvi Kapoor Arjun Kapoor

After Sridevi’s sudden demise, Arjun Kapoor has definitely got closer to his stepsisters – Jahnvi and Khushi Kapoor. Previously, even during the tragic period when Sridevi’s death made headlines, the family and other stars from the fraternity had slammed various media houses for insensitive coverage.


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