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Spectacular music cum dance fiesta

A Tamil music and dance extravaganza organised and presented by the musical virtuoso Dr. Arundathy Renganathan titled ‘Swaasam’ will be held at the Bishop’s auditorium on May 15 at 7 pm.
Dr. Arundathy has a longstanding connection with the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. She initially served as Controller Tamil music and was later elevated to the prestigious position of Director Tamil Service. She is a renowned Veena player and her dexterity and prowess has enthralled and captivated exclusive audiences in Sri Lanka and India where she is highly acclaimed. Dr. Renganathan is also the recipient of local and international awards.

The programme will feature celebrated and iconic artistes and will include a wide spectrum and repertoire of items. The Aru Sri Art Theatre offers contemporary and innovative productions. She has earned her music knowledge and experience drawing from the traditions of Hindustani and Karnatic sources and evolved a scale, mutations and combined these with Tamil music interpretations which are rich and primordial. The purity and exotic flavor of each stream has been meticulously maintained in its original prime.

President Maithripala Sirisena will be the chief guest and the Indian High Commissioner will be a special invitee. The show is open to all music lovers.

The legendary dancer of India Rama Vadynathan has choreographed ‘Sama Thrushti’. Anapanannasathi-the teaching of Gouthama Buddha is choreographed by the versatile dancer from Bangalore Divya Ram. A unique orchestration manasu composed by Dr. Arundathy comprising Hindu, Karnatic, Western instruments and vocalists will be a highlight of this programme showcasing rich musical talent. Dhakshith Samaraweera’s Yoga and dance act will be an enervating experience.

Sri Vasthma from New Delhi and Divya Ram from Bangalore with a high popularity rating in India will add luster and embellish the spectacular nature of the items to be presented. Dr. Renganathan is widely travelled and has connectivity with leading music professionals in many countries. She has also maintained a close working relationship with leading local music legends. The programme will provide an insight to the exquisite dance forms of India. Dr. Renganathan has been largely instrumental in raising the standard of Tamil traditional music evolving new avenues while retaining its core values.

She has interwoven a new pattern in traditional dance and contemporary Tamil music. The audience is assured of a delightful and fruitful musical evening.

(Daily News)

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