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Lanka keep hopes alive with draw against Maldives

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The deciding match between Sri Lanka and Maldives in the South Asian Football Championship played at Banghabandhu Stadium Stadium yesterday ended in a goalless draw.

Sri Lanka kicked off the first half, yet it was Maldives who got the first real opportunity when a cross turned into a chance but the ball was palmed away by goalkeeper Sujan Perera. Maldives seemed the more dominant side in the opening 10 minutes.

Throughout the game goal keeper Sujan Perera produced a good performances and saved more than four goals in the first 25 minutes of play.

On resumption of the second half Sri Lankan’s conceded foul after foul and Bandara Warakagoda was finally shown the yellow card. Sri Lanka also gave away a free kick in a dangerous area 52 minutes into the game.

Some worthy brilliant performance was produced by Kavindu Ishan to Asela Madushan in the 82nd minute, but a brilliant save denied Madushan and the rebound effort by Ishan was saved as well.

Ibrahim Mahudhee Hussain of Maldives broke into the box in the 86th minute and found the back of the net with a tap but to his dismay the flag was raised for offside. Thus a scoring opportunity was lost.

Mohamed Fazal then took a shot at goal from the middle of the box but the keeper made a relatively comfortable save. In the 72nd minute a shot by Kavindu Ishan curled and went over the bar.

Sri Lanka dominated the second half with brilliant passing and defence.

With the game ending in a draw Sri Lanka’s semifinal hopes are still alive for now. The semi-final spot will not depend on Sunday’s match between India against Maldives.

(Daily News)

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