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Rock-cut Sasseruwa Buddha statue

ELOQUENCE IN STONE: The magnificent Sasseruwa Buddha carved out of a single rock rises to a height of over 42 ft.

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He can tinker a sleepy water melon into a brilliant bouquet of pink roses, a Beluga whale-like gourd into a graceful swan, or a big chunk of ice into a mermaid. In 2000, participating in an International Ice Carving competition, a mere walking distance to the Arctic Circle where he won the silver medal, he sculpted a fire-spewing dragon out of a car-sized block of ice. The Aurora Borealis flickered its light on the dragon almost fidgeting it into life. St. George wouldn’t dare hurt such an Elysian creature created with the nimble hands of the Sri Lankan chef cum ice carving Triton, Subhashan Krinsley Withanage, now living in Los Angeles, California. This village lad has become one of the preferred chefs in Hollywood’s movie landscape.

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Tharjini Sivalingam

The recently concluded Asian Netball Championship became the topic of discussion as our girls emerged champions. With a striking height of 6’10” Tharjini Sivalingam is no stranger to the netball arena in Sri Lanka. Having started her netball career in 2004, Tharjini has strived to bring glory to the country expecting nothing in return. Hailing from Evinai, Punnalaikadduvan, Jaffna, Tharjini and her family have had troubled beginning especially during the height of the war. Under the captaincy of Chathurangi Jayasuriya, the team managed to show true Lankan colours to the rest of the world.

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Honey Honey!

Getting you all excited for Cinnamon Life's Mamma Mia! musical with their all time famous 'Honey Honey' song!

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Detoxing with Num Nums juice cleanse

Juice cleansing has become all the rage these days in our tiny island and we tried the 2-day detox by Num Nums so we can give you the tea, you are welcome fam!

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Sri Lanka will be introducing new legislation for the construction industry protecting the rights of local contractors while encouraging partnerships with foreign counterparts.

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