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Rathnavali Kekunawela passes away

Veteran film, stage, tele-drama and radio artiste Rathnavali Kekunawela who became a household name following her hit character as ‘Menike’ in the Muwan Pelessa radio play passed away today at the age of 87.

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An Udarata Jewellery Collection by Svelte

Artisan Jeweler Svelte recently launched a very special designer jewellery collection ahead of the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year season. The designer behind the collection Monika Rau elaborates on her Udarata Collection and some elements of traditional Kandyan Jewellery making that she has drawn inspiration from.

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Although we are a country with a rich biodiversity, most flora and fauna have already faced threats of extinction due to human activities. Therefore, the time has come to rethink on methods of conservation. Last year a human-leopard encounter in Panmoor Estate made headlines where the incident portrayed the leopard as a threat. In India, close to 800 such encounters happen annually, and Sri Lanka stands on negligible ground. However, in order to protect the island population of leopards currently in Sri Lanka, the Wilderness and Wildlife Conservation Trust (WWCT) headed by Dr. Andrew Kittle and Anjali Watson has contributed immensely in terms of protecting the species. At a recent presentation, the duo reiterated on the importance of protecting the ridge in the Central Highlands, as means of helping leopard conservation, while ensuring the maintenance of watershed ecosystem services and biodiversity protection.

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‘Koombiyo’ the hit political thriller which streamed on local television took the entire teledrama industry to an entirely new level. From its beginning to the end, Jehan Fernando, the con-artist in the teledrama played by Thumindu Dodantenna, keeps ‘playing games’ with different characters he encounters in his life. ‘Koombiyo’ created a sensation among social media and it made viewers realise how everybody plays a different ‘game’ to survive. With an M.A in Drama and Theater from the University of Kelaniya, Thumindu is currently a lecturer at the Department of Performing Arts at the Sripalee Campus, Horana. So far he has performed in many stage plays including ‘Hunu Wataye Kathawa’, ‘Tharawo Igilethi’, ‘Aadara Wasthuwa’ among others.

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Pastamania opens its doors in Sri Lanka

Singapore based casual dining Italian food franchise, Pastamania, recently hosted the media at an exclusive sneak peek event at their venue opposite the British Council in Duplication Road. Commonwealth Capital, the Singaporean investment firm behind Pastamania, with Azeez Brother Pvt. Ltd. as the brands Master Franchise partner, opened its doors to the public on the 30th of March.

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