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Three-wheeler charges up by Rs 3.50

Three-wheeler charges will be increased by Rs 3.50 from 15 October said the President of the National Joint Three-Wheel Drivers Association, A.D. Alwis yesterday (11).

According to Alwis, while charges for the first kilometre (km) will remain at
Rs 60, charges from the second km will be revised from Rs 42 to Rs 45 and waiting time will be revised from Rs 2.50 to Rs 3 per minute.

He added the Association reached this decision by taking possible future fuel hikes into consideration as well. Meanwhile, the All Island Inter-District School Children Transport Association said that school van charges will also be increased in the near future.

Speaking to Ceylon Today, Chairman of the said Association, N.M.K.H. Padmasiri said fares of school bus that use super diesel from next month will also increase. However, he added school van charges will be increased by December.

Padmasiri further added that recurring fuel price hikes have become an issue to parents of school children and school van drivers alike.

(Ceylon Today)

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