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Government intentionally stifling Media - MR

Opposition Leader Mahinda Rajapaksa charged yesterday that the Government has decided to intentionally stifle the Media with the aim of ratifying a new federal Constitution to the country.

He alleged a group of people attired in black had gone to a few Media outlets to threaten journalists and owners of such Media institutions yesterday.

The Opposition Leader charged ... that these protests were launched by a group of NGOs at the behest of the current UNF regime as the Media was continuing to shed light on the harm and danger that could be posed to the country through the enactment of a new Constitution.

Rajapaksa further stressed that after PM Ranil Wickremesinghe had referred to the Media as ‘Black Media’ in Parliament recently, a group dressed in black had proceeded to certain Media outlets after being coaxed by the Government to threaten journalists at those Media institutions yesterday.

He added the Opposition would like to stress on the need to abstain from threatening the Media as the government is aware that the public were opposed to the hasty formulation of a Constitution ahead of its ratification as it poses a danger to the very existence of Sri Lanka. The Opposition Leader stated that acts such as withdrawal of advertisements given to certain Media outlets, the threatening of certain journalists by mentioning their names, the warning given to certain Media outlets to be ready with cheques and staging protests at Media outlets are a few of the aspects through which the Government has begun to strangle the freedom of the country’s Media.

(Ceylon Today)

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