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Liquor stores to be closed for four days during Vesak

All liquor stores island-wide will be closed for four consecutive days during the Vesak season, the Excise Department stated.

Accordingly, liquor shops will be closed on May 17, 18, 19 and 20.

Media Spokesperson and Deputy Commissioner of Excise Department Kapila Kumarasinghe made these comments issuing a press release.

During the said four days, all liquor stores are to be closed, and officers of the Excise Department have been instructed to take legal actions against anyone committing excise licence offenses.

Nearly 1200 officers have been assigned to serve this purpose under the supervision of the Assistant Commissioner of Excise in every province and Superintendents of Excise in every district.

Accordingly, law will be enforced against anyone manufactures, transports, possesses or trades illicit liquor and drugs and produced before the Court.


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