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Sri Lanka to establish Cyber Security Authority soon

In the wake of growing cyber attacks in intensity and sophistication both here and overseas, Sri Lanka will be establishing Cyber Security Authority (CSA) after enacting Cyber Security Act soon, official sources said.

It will be an apex institution for all cyber security related affairs in Sri Lanka to take all necessary steps to implement the national information and cyber security strategy.

The authority is to be entrusted with the task of preparing and executing strategies, policies, action plans, programs and projects which are required for the implementation of the Strategy.

It will act as the central point of contact for cyber security in Sri Lanka, and provide necessary advices to all government and private organizations in respect of cyber security matters.

The authority will take measures to interface for the multi-directional and cross-sector sharing of information related to cyber threat indicators, defensive measures, cyber security risks, and to provide warnings for government and private sector organizations.

Another function of the authority is to identify and designate Critical Information Infrastructure both in government sector and private sector and to regulate owners of CII with regard to the cyber security. CII;

Information Security Officers are to be appointed across all layers of the government, who will be in charge of information and cyber security related matters in government organizations.

The Computer Emergency Readiness Team| Coordination Centre (CERT/CC) has formulated Sri Lanka’s first Information and Cyber Security Strategy to be implemented over a period of five years from 2019 to 2023.

The strategy is an institutional framework that aims to create a resilient and trusted cyber security ecosystem that will enable Sri Lankan citizens to have access to safe digital exposure and a facilitate a better future.


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