Sunday, 18 August 2019 04:53

International Culinary YouTubers explore Colombo cuisine

Canadian YouTubers Luke Martin and Sabrina Davidson of Chopstick Travel are currently in the island with a view to promote Sri Lanka tourism, in collaboration with the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

Chopstick Travel has over 500,000 diverse subscribers, 92 million viewers around the globe and has worked with media giants such as Netflix, TripAdvisor and tourism boards around the world. They are known to be a group documenting authentic local cuisine and promoting global culinary travel.

Luke and Sabrina are in Sri Lanka as part of the Visiting Blogger Program run by SLTPB. The duo is impressed with what Sri Lanka has to offer to the traveller. “We are already impressed with Sri Lanka. Our goal is to help put this country back on track to become a top travel destination. The people of this country deserve it and we strive to share Sri Lanka with the world.”

(Sunday Observer)

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