Friday, 13 September 2019 09:15

Japan assists Sri Lanka to strengthen counter terrorism capacity

Sri Lanka law enforcement authorities counter terrorism capacity is to be strengthened with Japanese assistance, finance ministry announced.

The need of strengthening public security has come to light following the Easter Sunday terrorist attacks with a huge negative economic impact on the fast growing tourism sector of the Country..

As an immediate response to the Easter terror ,the Government of Japan has agreed to provide Japanese Yen 01 billion, (approximately Rs. 1.6 billion) grant to strengthen the capacity of Sri Lanka Police and Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka ) Limited on counterterrorism activities.

Necessary stock of equipment is necessary to combat emerging ISIS terrorist threat and Japanese Government’s non - project grant aid scheme for the provision of necessary equipment ala became necessary.

Accordingly, the necessary equipment for surveillance and detection will be provided by the Government of Japan to Sri Lanka Police and to the Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) Limited.

The Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation respectively is to ensure the public security and for the safety of air passengers.

Dr. R.H.S. Samaratunga, Secretary, Ministry of Finance Sri Lanka and Akira Sugiyama, Ambassador, Embassy of Japan in Sri Lankaon signed the above Exchange of Notes.



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