Monday, 04 November 2019 06:30

Urgent LP gas purchases, tanker unloading

The Finance Ministry will purchase 12,000 metric tons of domestic LP gas urgently through the government-owned Litro Company and issue to the market with immediate effect as a solution to the prevailing shortage.

A tanker containing 3,600 MT of LP gas had arrived at the Colombo Harbour on Saturday (2) and two more each containing 3,600 MT will be arriving tomorrow (5) and next Saturday (9).

In addition, the orders made under the emergency purchasing through the normal procurement process will also be arriving in the country next week, the Finance Ministry said in a press release yesterday.

Therefore, the government informs consumers not to panic as the prevailing shortage will end within this week with the importation of the said bulks.

Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Authority has raided and taken action against 40 sellers who had hidden stocks and issued gas at high prices.

The CAA will continue the raids during the coming days and offenders would be prosecuted, the Finance Ministry said.

(Daily News)

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