Saturday, 09 November 2019 10:48

Sri Lanka Ports Authority loses market share in container handling

The container operations capacity of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority during the 18 years period from the year 2001 to the end of the year 2018 had rapidly decreased from 81 per cent to 33 per cent as considering as a percentage of handling of total containers, informed sources revealed.

However, out of the two private companies operating in competitively in the Colombo Harbour, the company which commenced its operations in the year 2013 had achieved a rapid improvement from 1 per cent up to 38 per cent.

Other company‟s 19 per cent of the market share in the year 2001 had been improved up to 29 per cent as at the year of 2018.

According to the above data market share of container handling of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority had been gradually taken possession by the private sector.

In considering the Terminal Occupancy Ratio of the container operations of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority as compared with year 2017 had improved from 60 per cent up to 65 per cent in the year 2018.

Out of the working Terminals for direction of containers at present at the Colombo Harbour is only the Terminal Colombo International Container Terminal the ships Draft more than 14.25 metres able to come only its capacity is Twenty Equivalent Units 2.4 million for a year.

308 ships had came for this Terminal which were over 14.25 metres Draft during the year 2018 and it had been directed containers more than totalling 2.6 million units.

There had been increased of 12 per cent direction of containers in this Terminal as compared to the year 2017.


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