Wednesday, 13 November 2019 06:18

Politicians who diluted intelligence services should take responsibility : Gota

The politicians of the incumbent government who diluted the intelligence services should take the responsibility of the Easter Sunday attacks, SLPP presidential candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa said yesterday.

Speaking at a rally in Wennapuwa yesterday, Mr Rajapaksa said these politicians should not be allowed to place the blame of the terror attacks on officers and shy away.

"The entire responsibility of the Easter Sunday attack should be borne by the incumbent government's politicians who diluted the intelligence services which helped in ending the 30-year war, for their political gains. We won't allow them to blame the officers for the attack and shy away," he said.

He said the country had an intelligence service which was capable of detecting 160 foreigners who preached extremist content especially related to Islam and expelling them from the country within one day. “It is unfortunate that political agendas resulted in a country where there is no national security," he said.

He assured a government he will establish after the presidential election would take legal action against all those related to terrorism and aided the flourishing of it. "I will ensure the national security for all citizens and the future generations as well," he said.

(Daily Mirror)

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