Tuesday, 19 November 2019 06:05

Rupavahini’s TV channel plan in Italy comes under scrutiny

Another financial misappropriation of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation has come to light recently.

The Cabinet of Ministers had granted approval in December 2014 on the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance to operate a television channel in a studio established in Italy or another country in Europe via satellite technology.

Approval was also given to temporarily obtain equipment therefore on lease basis for taking Sri Lanka‟s identity to the world and promoting the knowledge and appreciation of Sri Lankans living abroad.

These details were highlighted ina recent government audit inspection report.

A sum of Rs.3.45 million had been paid as advances on 02 January 2015 to a company distributing satellite technology for commencement activities thereof.

Moreover, no written agreement had been entered into for the said payment and the concurrence of the Ministry of Finance as well had not been obtained.

However, the said function had been completely abandoned after January 2015 and action had not been taken even by the end of the year under review to recover the advances paid



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