Saturday, 07 December 2019 09:41

Special committee to amend the Electricity Act

A special committee headed by Power Ministry Secretary Wasntha Perera has been appointed to investigate into any clauses in the Electricity Act detrimental to the new power generation plans and make necessary recommendations to amend the act.

This action has been taken by Minister Mahinda Amaraweera heeding to submissions made by senior officials in the power and energy ministry and the Public Utilities Commission.

At meeting held in Colombo, it has been revealed that Sri Lanka will be facing a serious power crisis by April-May period in 2020 which will lead to an island wide power cut.

The reason was the failure to add 100 Mega Watts of power during 2019-2020 period, senior CEB official said adding that the previous government has not taken any action to tackle this issue.

The CEB or the Power and Energy Ministry has failed to take any action to implement alternate energy projects such as solar or wind power projects to generate additional power during the past five year period.

Minister Mahinda Amaraweera also directed the CEB senior officials to expedite the implementation of the proposed LNG power project.


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