Tuesday, 31 December 2019 08:33

Broadlands Hydro Power Project fails to complete on time

MInistrY OF Power and Energy had been planned to commence the Broadlands Hydro Power Project with a capacity of 35 MW in August 2013 and to complete it in August 2017.

A sum of Rs.9,424 million had been received for the project. Out of that, a sum of Rs.6,426 million had been spent by the end of the year under review and the physical progress thereof had been 58 per cent.

However, the said project had not been completed even by 31 May 2019, offficailss aid adding that a sum of Rs.4,149 million had been received for constructing infrastructure facilities of the Mannar Transmission Line, to develop Lot A Vavuniya Grid Substation and to construct the Mannar Grid Substation.

The project was scheduled to be commenced in the year 2015 and completed in the year 2017. The completion of the project had delayed due to the change in the scope of package for constructing the Mannar Network Substation, within the duration of the project.


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