Saturday, 25 January 2020 09:37

State corp. heads duty-bound to uplift efficiency and profit levels: President

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa yesterday said that state corporation heads are duty-bound to uplift efficiency levels and generate profit without burdening the government.

“We must identify the fields by which we could serve the people and uplift our economy in the best manner and develop those fields. The main responsibility regarding this lies in the hands of the Tourist Board and the Board of Investment,” he said at a discussion with heads and senior officials of government corporations at the President Secretariat.

The President said all government corporations had a major duty to take part in the rapid development of the economy of the country.

Moreover, while recognizing introduction of investors to areas outside of Colombo as a solution to ease urban congestion, the President said those areas should be provided with new technology and necessary infrastructure facilities.

In addition he said to uplift the economy, new technology must be incorporated to all fields and necessary changes must be introduced to the education system.

“During the last few years, our economic growth has gone down. Creating a renaissance in the economy is one of the greatest challenges before us and these corporations must take part in this process,” he said.

(Daily Mirror)

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