Monday, 01 June 2020 08:41

WHO appreciates Sri Lanka’s battle against COVID 19

Sri Lanka historically had a very strong disease surveillance system. It had controlled and eliminated many communicable diseases in the past. This experience provided a foundation for Sri Lanka to prepare and control COVID-19, WHO Representative to Sri Lanka Dr. Razia Pendse said.

According to Dr. Pendse, the Sri Lankan Government and the Health Ministry took steps to control COVID-19 even before the very first COVID-19 patient was reported from the country. We commend President Gotabaya Rajapaksa for his brave approach to defeat the disease,” she said. She was speaking on the National Television last night. Dr. Pendse said that when the number of COVID-19 patients increased in Sri Lanka, Sri Lanka reviewed, reassessed and re-calibrated its response along the way.

“WHO provides financial assistance to Sri Lanka to manage COVID-19. It will also assist Sri Lanka to increase the capacity in hospitals and laboratories. We work closely with the Health Ministry and the Health Promotion Bureau in risk communication because communicating them to the public is very important,” she said.

(Daily News)

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