Thursday, 25 June 2020 07:52

RW calls on youth to support change in SL

United National Party (UNP) leader Ranil Wickremesinghe has called on young Sri Lankans to back his party at the upcoming Parliamentary Election to create a new political culture.

He made these remarks while addressing a meeting of youth activists at Sirikotha on Tuesday. Wickremesinghe stressed that the youth of the country have demanded a new political culture be introduced to the country through the involvement of new participants in politics.

He added that despite the UNP having achieved much during their tenure in Government from 2015, the 2019 Presidential Election showed that the youth had lost faith in the system. They had chosen to support the candidate who was not part of the political system.

The UNP has listened to the demands of the public, and decided to put forward a candidate list made up of new individuals. The nomination list of the UNP now consists of experienced politicians and first-time candidates, with many of the new candidates being professionals. Wickremesinghe further stated that this election would not be focused on the SLPP but instead on the issues facing the public and the solutions that would be put forth by the UNP.

He urged the public to examine these policies and vote for the party, and then select the best candidates from the party.

He said that the UNP had decided to adopt this approach for the election because it was what the public had demanded from the politicians.

The UNP Leader went on to state that the party’s progress would not end with the election, but that the youth would be given the opportunity to lead the party down a new path.

Wickremesinghe urged the youth to support not only the revitalisation of the party, but to also support the party in revitalising the country.


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