Monday, 06 July 2020 08:01

Seafarer from Jinthupitiya tested negative for Covid-19

The seafarer from Jinthupitiya, Colombo 13, who had tested positive for Covid-19 few days ago, has been discharged from the hospital as five repeated PCR tests become negative, Health Services Director-General Dr Anil Jasinghe said.

All 154 associates, who were sent to the Kandakadu Quarantine Center are also found negative for Covid-19 and released from the Center, he said.

The full statement;

The person, reported from Jinthupitiya, Colombo as a Covid-19 patient, was identified by the health authorities as a high-risk person as he was a sea guard in overseas. Hence, the health authorities were on alert.
PCR tests were performed during his home quarantine period accordingly and he was diagnosed as a Covid-19 patient in accordance with the test results. All the necessary measures were taken by the health sector and defense sector immediately. The patient was hospitalized as a Covid-19 Patient and approximately 154 persons those who were identified as his close associates were sent to Kandakadu Quarantine Centre.
However, the results of 5 PCR tests conducted at the hospital with respect to this person have continuously confirmed that he is not infected with Covid-19 virus.
However, as a safety measure, the 154 persons those who were sent to the Kandakadu Quarantine Center were also subjected to PCR tests and none of them have been identified as infected.
Accordingly, the person identified as infected with coronavirus has been discharged from the hospital and the 154 persons those who were in Kandakadu Quarantine Centre were also sent back home.

(Daily Mirror)

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