Tuesday, 07 July 2020 08:51

Security to remain heightened in places of worship, public places

Security will continue to be heightened in churches and places where public gather including in Kataragama, Kandy and other places of worship following advice by the intelligence, Police Spokesperson SSP Jaliya Senaratne told the Daily Mirror last evening.

All police stations across the country have also been alerted to conduct special intelligence operations as well while if any church or other places of worship requests for m

ore security, it will be provided.

In the past two weeks, more law enforcement personnel were seen deployed in churches during Sunday mass and while masses were not cut short, personnel remained present till the end of mass. Some churches had also requested for this security.

Senaratne further said this was not a 'special operation' being conducted but was part of an alert issued by the intelligence.

"Intelligence has been alerted that they wanted security deployed in churches and all police stations have also been alerted to conduct special intelligence operations. If any church asks for more security we will provide. There have been no reports of any new threats recently but monitoring will continue. Especially in places where people gather including the Kandy Perahera and Kataragama," Senaratne said. "We will continue to be on alert."

(Daily Mirror)

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