Wednesday, 08 July 2020 08:44

Refrain from using public offices – EC tells politicians

The Election Commission in a communiqué has prohibited the use of any public or Provincial Council, as well as local schools and government institutions for the use of election propaganda including the distribution of handbills.

“It is prohibited to canvass or distribute handbills or do any such other thing or to conduct meetings in any Public or Provincial Council office or any government school or any local government office or in any institution belonging to any State Corporation or Statutory Board for and on behalf of any candidate contesting the parliamentary election,” Chairman of the Election Commission, Mahinda Deshapriya said.

He called on all politicians, political activists and trade union activists to abstain from such activities.

“It shall be the responsibility of the Heads of Public or Provincial Council offices or government schools or local government offices or State Corporations or Statutory Boards or of their Sub-offices to prevent such illegal activities within the office premises under their purview.”

The Election Commission Chairman also referred to the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2178129 dated 202A.06.06 which prevents the misuse of movable or immovable properties belonging to the State, State Corporations or Statutory Boards during the period of an election for the promotion of or in prejudice to any party, group or candidate or obstructing the conduct of free and fair election, issued by the Elections Commission.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has received 2083 complaints related to violation of election laws for yesterday alone. Of them, 588 complaints were received by the National Elections Complaints Management Centre while 1495 were received by the district Election Complaints Management Centre. Only one incident of violence has been reported within the last 48 hours.

(Daily Mirror)

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