Wednesday, 16 September 2020 17:03

Uruvarige Vannila Eththo laments wanton deforestation in Sri Lanka

The Indigenous Leader Vishva Keerthi Vanaspathi Uruvarige Vannila Eththo raised concern recently before the media over the ever increasing destruction of forests in Sri Lanka.

He said despite the President’s interest to conserve forests and environment in the country, felling trees in the forests was on increase due to law that was being only enforced against the labour hands deployed, instead of the real culprits behind forest clearing.

The Veddha Chief also expressed his vehement concern about the disaster that may cause more deaths by the fading forests over the deaths America was now witnessing due to the Corona pandemic. Vannila Eththo further said that their lives was linked with the environment – they selected land for cultivation without disturbing the free- growing of the forest causing least damage to it. “All should help the President’s effort to conserve the forests and the environment and those who lead the violation of law relating to the protection of nature must be brought before the law and punished,” he said.


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