Friday, 18 September 2020 19:04

Change in Traffic Rules. Two lanes opened for motorcyclists

Although a new traffic system has been introduced on four main roads entering Colombo city since last Monday, motorcyclists, three-wheelers and bus passengers were seen being dragged into severe inconvenience in today's captions, awakening a chaos on Social Media.

Some people complained that they had to stay in one place for almost an hour.

In accordance with the current traffic system, one lane is reserved for buses, three wheelers and motorcycles while the other for other vehicles. Photographs circulated on Social Media today showed motorcyclists stuck in one lane with two lanes empty, even on three-lane roads.

The Police Traffic Division has drawn themselves into the inconvenience occurred to passengers and drivers, following which more opportunities would be given to motorcyclists and three wheelers from tomorrow (18) onwards.

SSP (Traffic and Sports) Kamal Pushpakumara told LNW that two lanes will be provided for motorcyclists and three wheelers on three lane roads. Priority will be given to especially to motorcyclists whenever possible in two lane drives, he added.

Such congestion is common scenario in a matter of a few days after a new driving system is introduced, Pushpakumara went on, emphasising that Police will be working for the convenience of the public whenever possible and that as a new system is in operation, vehicle owners and passengers should be patient and support the Traffic Police for a few days.

The new system is being implemented under the direct supervision of the Senior DIG in charge of the Western Province, Deshabandu Tennakoon, who will be inspecting on a daily basis the operation of lane traffic rules and inconveniences faced by the passengers and drivers.

Accordingly, the current congestion will be curbed by providing more opportunities to motorcyclists from tomorrow onwards, and the outcome of the new system introduced will be evident by next week, Pushpakumara further revealed.


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