Sunday, 18 October 2020 08:12

Health Of Nation Is Too Important An Issue To Be Left In The Hands Of....

The MOH should get out of dealing with the COVID issue from a closed mental outlook of “cluster” definition.

If we go on like this with the cluster based mentality we will soon have Minuwangoda clusters in India!!!!!!

Time to admit we are in Community Spread (Stage 4) mode and plan and act to mitigate COVID from the perspective of lives and livelihoods together as opposed to trading off one against the other.

A trade off between lives and livelihoods which will lead to merely addressing the physical manifestations of COVID while ignoring the mental and social outcomes of health in individuals families and the community should be avoided at all
costs. We must endeavor to look at Heath of individuals and the nation holistically.

A trade off between lives and livelihoods will undermine the very definition of health of the WHO

A trade off between lives and livelihoods has the potential to fulfill the sayings “Health without Wealth or Wealth without Health” both of which are of no use to individuals and nations.

Hence we in Sri Lanka with our solid foundation in public health should first admit that there is community spread based on the evidence and move away from “cluster” mentality of COVID

Once we do that as a nation and take the public in to our confidence and empower them to trust the public health system and other genuine health experts the solution to mitigation of COVID community spread will emerge by a collaborative effort between people and health experts this is the need of the hour.

Dr Ruvaiz Haniffa


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