Sunday, 25 October 2020 10:49

Drug money of Underworld Kingpin Madush in seven other people’s accounts, Security Units reveal

Nearly Rs. 1 billion earned from various businesses carried out in the Underworld by slain Kingpin Makandure Madush have been remitted in the accounts of seven other people, Security Units divulged.

These accounts have been identified for their holders and who will receive these monies has also been identified, whilst further Police investigations are underway, they added.

Accordingly, a number of arrests are to be made.

According to Security Units, Madush had a number of registered vehicles purchased by him with his underworld monies in the names of nine different persons in the country, who will also be revealed through further investigation.

Madush was killed in a gunshot on October 20, 2020, during a raid-in in Maligawatta area.

The death of Madush has raised a number of controversies aiming backlash at Sri Lanka Police, as well as the government, on the speculation that a suspect under custody being killed could have a very adverse effect on the diplomatic ties with the international community given that Madush was deported to Sri Lanka from Dubai denying his request not to in the fear for his life.

Meanwhile, a number of parties, including the Opposition, raised concerns on the death of Madush, reminding that his ties with strong figures in the political arena will forever be lost hence overshadowing the puppeteers holding the strings in the Underworld businesses.


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