Monday, 26 October 2020 11:52

Fish stocks stuck in vessels amid Covid-19 crisis!

At present, the Covid-19 contagion has spread across the island through the Fish Mart at Peliyagoda. In the occurrence, many wholesale markets selling fish and ordinary fish selling shops have been closed.

In a chain reaction, the fish market is currently facing a disastrous outcome, while stocks are being stuck at vessels, reports said. Over 350,000 kg of fish are reportedly stuck in multi-day fishing vessels near Beruwala and Galle fishing harbours amidst the crisis.

According to Ministry of Fisheries, these fish stocks will be purchased by the government for wholesale in the distribution to the public.

Meanwhile, the Health Minister has reportedly instructed the ministerial secretary to prepare plans to safeguard these fish stocks stuck in multi-day fishing vessels, later to be distibuted to consumers.



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