Thursday, 29 October 2020 13:34

Covid-related decision making process interrupted due to malfunctioned PCR machine

The main PCR machine which is operated to identify Covid related cases in large quantities has been malfunctioned, due to which the 'real-time decision making process' has been interrupted, Army Commander Shavendra Silva revealed. In this backdrop, the machine will soon be repaired by a mechanic delivered from China, he added.

The Army Commander made this observation speaking to a private television channel this (29) morning.

"Actually, there is a situation over the past few days in which the main PCR machine malfunctioned. Our technicians tried their best to repair it, but were unable to."

"This PCR machine conducted tests in large quantities. This has happened as it was continuously operated 24 hours a day for the last 20 days. Could not fix it. We were of the opinion that a mechanic from China should be brought to fix this machine. This would probably be carried out on a diplomatic level and we will have him delivered to us by tomorrow. "

"He will be involved in this reparing process under quarantine."

"Because this machine malfunctioned, releasing PCR test results became a serious problem."

"Accordingly, we had a delay in making real-time decisions. Then, as the President of the Public Health Inspectors' Association correctly put, there was an obstruction of the procedure for two or three days. Accordingly, there were instances in which we received reports of cases which should have been received two-or-three days earlier, until the day before yesterday."

"Therefore, His Excellency the President gave clear instructions the day before yesterday that this should be stopped immediately. The matter should be resolved and we should obtain real-time information immediately, he advised, otherwise, we would have to make decisions for the situation occurred the day before yesteday today."

"On the day before yesterday we found 42 cases in Moratuwa. At the same time imposed curfew in Moratuwa, Panadura and Homagama. But making the decision on Moratuwa, we realised that this decision was made for a situation that should have been revealed two days ago. So there has been some inconvenience".


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