Mentally sick officials make Rupavahini's crest fallen

Mentally sick officials make Rupavahini's crest fallen

Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation’s (SLRC) image has been tarnished due to a few arrogant and mentally sick officials attached to the news division, employees complained.

Never in the 35 year history of SLRC like at present that such undisciplined set of persons had taken the power onto their hands and harass news room permanent staff, they alleged.

In a recent unruly incident a part time officer working on piece rate basis as an English news reader/ copy editor has created ascene by threatening a permanent assistant producer using abusive language bringing disgrace to the SLRC, they said.

No action has been taken against this mentally sick person who was instrumental in removing an innocent female English news reader from the panel some times back.

This feamale news reader has lodged a complaint to the mass media minister Gayantha Karunathilake exposing all his attempts to gain his infrior desires.

In her letter to the minister she has requested the the minister to conduct a an imartial inquiry to ascertain his his suitabilty to edit english bulletins and read news.

The standard of the bulletins cannot be maintained by allowing such sick persons to handle english news , trade unios complained. (LIN)

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