ReLive: Handmade bath & body products made from premium quality ingredients

ReLive: Handmade bath & body products made from premium quality ingredients

ReLive is Colombo’s best kept secret for handmade bath and body products. Founded by IlmaHifni, the business is just kicking off,and it’s already providing discerning homes with an extensive and irresistible selection of handmade goodies for bath time.

Ilmasources premium quality ingredients from the USA and the Middle East, all handpicked by her team to ensure a luxuriousfinish andthe ultimatenourishment for skin and hair. There is something for everyone; body melts, massage bars, wax melts, lip balms and scrubs, bubbling bath bombs, guest soap, luxury crystal soap, cupcake soap, hair and body butter, manicure and pedicure bombs, jelly soap, facial soaps, massage candles,soap bars and more.
For Ilma, ReLive isn’t a way to pass time- but a way to make time matter. She began this business as a mother of four. At first, it was a hobby that she could call her own. “I’ve always been interested in experimenting with bath and body products and always preferred to use ingredients in their purest form where possible,” she recalls. She began crafting gifts for friends and family in the form of soaps, bath bombs and creams, and was quicklyoverwhelmed with the demand. “The quality of ingredients I use comesat a premium price point, so I decided to pursueReLive as a business. We haven’t looked back since,” she says.

Already some products stand out as clear customer favourites. The salt bars are the best sellers among adults. Salt bars are a cold processed, vegan and palm free soap made of sea salt and pink Himalayan salt, and produce a copious lather due to the coconut oil and luxurious ingredients it is crafted from. The kids can’t get enough of a bath bomb they know as ‘Unicorn Poop’, a conically stacked explosion of colour that can be dropped in a warm bath for a fruity scented soak.
ReLive products are self-preserving as the ingredients are not diluted with water as in commercial products. They are kosher friendly, with the ingredients certified by USDA as organic. They are also 100% vegan and cruelty free. Ilma ensures that her key ingredients are guilt-free; for example the cocoa and shea butter she uses in her products are fair trade. She also ensures that each product contains a generouscomposition of the key ingredient it has on the label. “I began making my own soaps and creams partly because the productsavailable off the shelves are so diluted,” she remarks. “With Re Live products, we use unrefined ingredients such as coco, shea and mango butter and organic oils. Our supply chain is very transparent because our ingredients are sourced closest to their point of origin- we can tell you exactly where they came from. We’ve also made sure that our labels reflect this.”
Re Live’s collection of bath and body products can be found on their website Find Re Live’s full product range on


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