Tuesday, 30 July 2019 06:08

Sri Lanka’s first Social Innovation Lab brings successful results

The Citra Social Innovation Lab, co-developed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Research and the United Nations Development Programme is now bringing successful results.

As Sri Lanka’s first Public Sector Innovation Lab, Citra works to strengthen institutions, build capacities of the public sector, and re-engineer public service delivery.

It is specialized in providing foresight and innovation tools, such as design-thinking, user-journey mapping exercises and human-centered design approaches, among others.

The Innovation Lab works in alignment with national development priorities and strives towards bringing in greater citizen engagement to the formulation of development solutions.

The work of Citra began in the first quarter of 2018 and has already been instrumental in delivering key initiatives of value-addition to the work of the Government.

It formulates innovative design interventions, and particularly through the Foresight and Innovation for Public Sector Excellence programme aimed at equipping select public sector officials with the necessary skills and tools to become catalytic agents in Sri Lanka's development efforts.

The work the Lab has been carrying out is of definite value to the country, and on behalf of the Ministry, I look forward to continuing our support extended to Citra to ensure they are able to provide effective solutions to the country’s needs”.

Having successfully achieved several key initiatives in partnership with many stakeholders since being in operation for less than a year, the Citra Social Innovation Lab remains committed to working closely with the Government in envisioning a future-ready and sustainable Sri Lanka.



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