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ComBank wins ‘Quality Choice Prize’ from European Society for Quality Research

The Commercial Bank of Ceylon was awarded the 2019 ‘Quality Choice Prize’by the European Society for Quality Research (ESQR) at an awards ceremony held recently in Berlin, Germany.

The Bank was presented this honour in recognition of its ethics and initiatives that demonstrate exceptional success in quality management and for its efforts to maximise the full potential of its services through quality-oriented practices.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon was represented by its Managing Director and CEO, S. Renganathan who accepted the award on behalf of the Bank at the event held at Hotel Grand Hyatt Berlin. The ceremony was attended by award winners from selected organisations, public administrations and companies that were recognised for their exceptional success in quality management strategies. Participants hailed from Europe, Asia, the Americas, Africa and Australia.

“Quality is part of our corporate DNA, and we are delighted to have been chosen for this award through ESQR’s own research,” Renganathan said. “This awardreaffirms the Bank’s commitment towards delivering quality service and designing innovative products to make banking more accessible,convenient, and rewarding for customers.”

The ESQR awards recognise organisations’ distinctive performance improvement, organisational excellence and customer focus and encourage them to share their best practices, experience and knowledge with other organisations. The recognition is an independent assurance for an organisation’s stakeholders and customers, and motivates its employees to strive for sustainable excellence.

The awards winners are chosen on thebasis of the results of surveys, user opinion polling and market research together with a selection process which includes, among other things, an analysis of socially responsible projects implemented and an analysis of public information sources.

Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, ESQR handles strategic questions in quality management and promotes Quality Culture and continuous improvement in quality through annual conventions which serve as a global forum to perfect quality management techniques and provide an excellent networking opportunity for all participants. Through its recognition programmes and awards, ESQR makes quality a top priority for the recognised organisations, regardless of their sector, size and location.

The Society hosts associates from academia, industry and international organisations. It also partners with corporate executives, academic experts, manufacturing specialists, engineers, scientists and technicians around the world to carry out its activities and projects.

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